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2024 Street Festival Sponsorship Form.png

Arts, Crafts & Cottage Vendors include artists, crafts, woodworking, pop-up boutiques, hobbyists, cottage food, fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers, beauty and health items and more. (No flea market items)

Food Vendors include food trucks and onsite catering. If you are a cottage food industry seeking a booth, please use the "Arts, Craft & Cottage Vendors" booth application.

Civic, Charities and Public Health Organizations may host a booth free of charge, please use the "Civic" application.

Elected officials and political candidates are also welcome to host a booth, please use the "Craft" application. 

If you'd like additional opportunity to promote your business at the festival, contact us regarding our Sponsorship opportunities. 


Questions? Click the "Other" button above to email our planning committee for additional information.

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